About us

Quint Bleijenberg – Ceo/Filmer/Editor

After finishing my film studies in Amsterdam in 2007, i started filming weddings in 2008 in Holland. In 2009 I came up with the idea to make much shorter, compact video’s. Video’s that suit the times we live in today. But nevertheless tell the complete story of the wedding day. Along with this idea came the idea of editing the video the same day. So I could show it to the couple and guests at night . This is When ‘a Moment of Love’ was born. In 2012 i decided to expand my working area to Germany, as the first company to show the film the same night. I’ve had some really special moments at these weddings. With many great/kind couples. At breath taking locations. And I am looking forward to all these special moments of love that I will encounter over the years to come.

Same day edit

 ”Although this is my job, I really can’t call it work… It certainly became my passion to make the best wedding videos!”